The Forearm is made with a piece of nicely figured Tigerwood, also known as Goncala Alves, it has a nice 3-D and Birds Eye figure.   The Handle is made with Curly Maple, the figure really shows nicely in pictures on this wood as does it's beauty mark in the center.   The Butt Sleeve is Camphor Burl.


 It's 60" long and it weighs in at 16 1/2 oz.  It comes with a Pro Taper Maple Shaft at 12.75 mm but I usually have other shafts if you have something else in mind. I will not charge extra for weight or shaft changes.

This cue has the flat faced, self centering 3/8" x 10 Stainless steel pin.


I have many tips and can get others, let me know what you would like.  I do have Le Pro, Diamond, Ultraskin Layered tips, Elk Master pre chalked and the extreme hard Phenolic tips that I make in Brown or Black, carefull, they will harm cheap balls.


Tigerwood/Maple/Camphor burl. 60", 16 1/2 oz