Shaftwood and why it's top quality on my Cues
  • Shaftwood and why it's top quality on my Cues

    Top quality Hard Eastern Maple shafts are standard on every cue. My promise with every Shaft is that the grain will run from Joint to Ferrule without running off the side of the shaft, there will be no brown sugar streaks or sugar marks nor any defects.   Of course they will roll perfectly straight together or apart, guaranteed or your money back.

    I do have other shafts available, with Hard Eastern Maple in a slight tan color, very typical color for Maple, it's just not as White and sugar marks can be visible, you really have to want one for some reason to pass on the top quality, it's all fun for me to make.

    Purpleheart Shafts are usually an ounce heavier than the Maple, they make a great break shaft as the wood is stronger than Maple.

    Typical shaft is 12.75 mm at the tip with a 12" Pro Taper, that is standard with every cue. I will make the shaft the way you want with no extra charge, I have many Shafts hanging and waiting for their final turnings.

    Please contact me for further information.