Sold and making similar ones.  

The Forearm and Butt sleeve are made with Cocobolo and the segmented Handle is made with Snake Juma. It has double Brass rings with Cocobolo inside them. I can do this cue in lengths between 57"-60" and different wood types as well. This much Snake Juma is expensive and that is why the cost is more than other cues.

It comes with a matching Pro Taper Maple Shaft at 12.75 mm. I will not charge extra for weight or shaft changes. I will put an Ultraskin Layered tip of your choice on or a Le Pro, Diamond or Elkmaster pre chalked tip.

It has the Flat Faced Self Centering pin with the 3/8" x 10 tpi.

Cocobolo with Snake Juma, Brass. Sold, can make to your specs.