Brunswick Willie Hoppe conversion.  The Purpleheart has some very nice figure and the butt sleeve is Birds Eye Maple.     Butt section is 30", I can put a 29" or 30" Shaft on it.   It weighs in at 19 oz.

It has the top quality Uni Loc Radial pin in Stainless Steel.

You will get a very hi quality Maple shaft, most shafts have a 12" Pro Taper @ 12.75 mm and I keep these in stock.   If you have something different in mind, let me know and I will do it with no extra charge.


I have many tips and can get others, let me know what you would like.  I do have Le Pro, Diamond, Ultraskin Layered tips, Elk Master pre chalked and the extreme hard Phenolic tips that I make in Brown or Black, carefull, they will harm cheap balls.

Brunswick SOLD Willie Hoppe conversion, Purpleheart/Maple 60", 19oz