Brunswick full splice Red label conversion cues to be done to your specs.  Price is per cue and includes premium Shaft, Joint Protectors and USPS Priority shipping. Cue will be done to new and gauranteed to be straight together or apart.


If the outer part of the label is Red and the field is clear, they were made between 1906-1920.


If it has the Gold outer band with the Red field, it was made between 1921-1925.


These old Cues were very thick at the bottom and that allows enough wood for a complete recut and retaper to normal cue standards of today, in the process, the labels never survive.   There are reproduction labels on the market but I have never used one.


Get in touch with me and I will make it the way you would like it, pay when it's ready to ship.   

It will normally have the Flat Faced Self Centering 3/8" x 10 TPI Stainless pin but I do others.

You will get a very hi quality Maple shaft to your specs and it will match the cue. Most shafts have a 12" Pro Taper @ 12.75 mm but the shaft for this cue is just waiting for it's final profile.

Brunswick 4 point, Red label. 1906-1925, converterd to your specs