The Forearm and Butt Sleeve are made with African Blackwood, the Forearm is segmented into 3 pieces. The Handle is made with a Snakeskin inbossed Leather wrap, under the wrap is, like always, an extremely nice piece of wood. This has the same straight grain Curly Maple you see on many of my cues. The wrap itself is very good quality Leather, slightly thicker than the cheap wraps. It's imbossed with a snakeskin look. I purchase my leather from a local supplier and he has some of the worlds best leather products available, in fact, he has real snake skin in stock and I had the chance to touch some, trust me, a real snake skin would never work, it's too thin and they had scales but they sure looked nice.

The Butt section is 29" and the shaft can be 29" or 30"   It weighs in at 19 oz.

It comes with a Pro Taper Maple Shaft at 12.75 mm but I usually have other shafts if you have something else in mind. I will not charge extra for weight or shaft changes. I will put an Ultraskin Layered tip of your choice on or a Le Pro, Diamond or Elkmaster pre chalked tip.

It has the Flat Faced Self Centering pin with the 3/8" x 10 tpi.

Blackwood, Snakeskin look Leather wrap. Sold, can make one to your specs.