Build a Cue

Call me at 503 930-7776 for best results or fill in the message at the bottom and email me.


Prices start at $299.98 with most woods you see.  Rings packages add $25-$50 at most unless it becomes elaborate like the one pictured, it has Snake Juma, Brass rings and Cocobolo, $699 plus shipping.  I can add Sterling Silver rings in place of Brass and the final cost is $899. 


* Cue Length, 57-60 Inches


* Weight, 16-25 Ounces.


* Trim- Black, Brown phenolic, Ivory color Juma, Elforyn


*Rings- Black, Brass, Brown phenolic, Ivory color Juma, Elforyn, White, Nickel/Silver combo or any tipe of wood ring you can dream up, I enjoy it all.


Forearm, Handle and Butt Sleeve.  They can be the same or mixed. 


Shaft - Maple, Purpleheart or Laminated.  Pro taper, Conical taper, Straight taper,





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